Online Databases

The Lewis & Clark Library offers many online resources for free.  You can choose a category below to find a resource in your area of interest. 

The library also maintains a directory of websites that are useful for general Internet research.  This list is used by and maintained by our information desk staff.  To search the directory, click the link below:

Search Selected Sites

The Library also maintains a list of local organizations.  To search the Organization list, click the link below:

Search the Helena Organization List

Online Database Categories

  1. Antiques

    Research information on antiques.

  2. Biographies, Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

    Research using biographies, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

  3. Books & Reading

    Research books, bibliographies, and other book-related resources.

  4. Business & Investing

    Research business and investing topics.

  5. Career

    Research career topics.

  6. Education & Test Prep

    Research education and test prep.

  7. Environmental

    Research environmental topics.

  8. Genealogy & Family History

    Research genealogy and family history.

  9. Government & Politics

    Research government and politics.

  10. Grants

    Research grant information.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Research health and medicine.

  12. Local Information

    Research local information.

  13. Law

    Research law.

  1. Libraries

    Get access to other library resources.

  2. Maintenance & Repair

    Research maintenance and repair.

  3. Maps, Hiking & Hunting

    Research maps, hiking, and hunting.

  4. Montana

    Research topics related to Montana.

  5. Montana Universities and Colleges

    View a listing of Montana universities and colleges.

  6. Music, Art & Culture

    Research music, art, and culture.

  7. Periodicals

    Research using periodicals.

  8. Reference

    Research using general online references.

  9. Senior

    Research topics relevant to seniors.

  10. Taxes

    Research taxes.

  11. Weather

    Research weather.

  12. Selected Sites

    Search a list of sites that the Information Desk staff use.