"Beneath the Ashes"
by Artist Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Opening Reception Wednesday, November 5
5-7 PM, Library Lobby
Jose Manuel's talent is creative and passionate, exposing sorrow and melancholy moods for the illusion and hope for the people of Mexico. The art born through the ashes in every painting illustrated by Jose Manuel Gonzalez has a very specific and rare ball and sponge technique inspired by art teacher Fernando Mijares Calderon, a contemplated "Van Gogh" of the city of DGO, Durango, Mexico.

Jose Manuel began with cigarette ashes that originated 20 years ago and later on progressed in his art style. A deep compassion arises within from the view of sealed streaks of desolate paintings now made by ashes of newspapers combined with colored pigments. The expression speared through glass gives the audience a glimpse of a deep sorrowful world of art. Please come in and relish an extraordinary Mexican expressionism of art born in ashes.

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